Winmax W1 for Ford FPV Falcon GT 4pot Brembo – REAR


Winmax W1 brake pads are an organic based material suitable for performance street use. Low dust, Low noise properties make this pad popular for those looking to upgrade standard brake pads for something with some more oomph!

SKU: WMP714-W1


This part fits
Ford FPV Falcon BA, BF, FG (GT, GT-P, Pursuit, Typhoon) 4 pot Brembo REAR JAGUAR XJ (NAW, NBW) 1996/09 – 2003/05`
Pad dimensions
Width: 109.7 mm Height: 69.3 mm Thickness: 14.8 mm
  • Compound: Low metal, organic
  • Friction: 0.40 – 0.43
  • Temp range: 0 – 500degC
  • OEM upgrade brake pads for High performance cars.
  • Performance pads, light trackwork ok.
  • Winmax W2 brake pads are another organic based material like W1, but suitable for heavy duty street and performance use. W2 is a heavy duty street pad which is excellent for fast street cars such as Jeep SRT, C63 Mercedes and Nissan R35. It is also a fantastic pad for OEM replacement on many European cars where dust has been an issue – W2 is a significant improvement over standard pads.

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