for Toyota MR2 / Celica / Corolla – FRONT- Winmax W7


Professional class brake pads that have the highest heat tolerance and effectiveness in the Winmax range as well as break-neck coefficient of friction stopping power. These pads are also designed to work with competition vehicles with the booster removed.

SKU: WMP265-W7


This part fits
TOYOTA AVENSIS (_T22_) 1997/09 – 2003/02 TOYOTA AVENSIS Liftback (_T22_) 1997/09 – 2003/02 TOYOTA AVENSIS Station Wagon (_T22_) 1997/09 2003/02 TOYOTA CALDINA (ST21_, CT21_, AT21_) 1997/10 2002/09 TOYOTA CARINA E Hatchback (_T19_) 1992/04 1997/09 TOYOTA CARINA E Saloon (_T19_) 1992/04 – 1997/09 TOYOTA CELICA (AT16_, ST16_) 1985/08 – 1989/08 TOYOTA CELICA (ST20_, AT20_) 1993/11 – 1999/11 TOYOTA CELICA Convertible (AT20_, ST20_) 1993/11 1999/08 TOYOTA CELICA Convertible (ST16_, AT16_) 1985/08 1989/08
Pad dimensions
Width: 141 mm Height: 56 mm Thickness: 17.5 mm
  • Compound: Semi Metallic
  • Friction: 0.34 – 0.37
  • Temp range: 100 – 750degC
  • Performance upgrade brake pads for trackday / sprint racing.
  • Competition, Performance pads, ok but not ideal on the street.
  • Made with high steel ingredients but perfectly balanced for club level circuit racing and rally, W5 is the choice for seasoned track enthusiasts. Recommended for road registered cars where the main focus is lap times and where protection against extreme brake fade is required.

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