Cusco Racing Wheel Nut Set


L48 LONG TYPE – M12×P1.25 20 PIECE

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A set of 20 piece. M12 x 1.25
Product specifications:
Size: Full length of nut 48mm (Effective screw length approx. 30mm / Maximum diameter approx. 22mm)
Nut specifications: 17HEX, 60° taper seat, through type
M12 x 1.25 (Nissan / Subaru / Suzuki)
* Some OEM models may differ from manufacturer screw sizes. (Example: Toyota 86 ZN6.. M12 x 1.25 because Subaru is manufacturer)

Material: Chrome molybdenum steel (SCM435)
Colour: Black (cationic electrodeposition coating)
CUSCO logo (white letters)

Notes –
– Some OEM models may differ from manufacturer screw sizes. Be sure to confirm the screw size of the hub bolt of the vehicle to be installed. (Example: Toyota 86 ZN6 … M12 x 1.25 for Subaru manufacturing vehicles)
– This product has a 60° taper seat on the contact surface with the wheel. Never use it on genuine wheels that use a flat or spherical seat.
– Manage the torque with the specified tightening torque for each vehicle, and periodically check for looseness.

– Adopts highly reliable chromium molybdenum steel (SCM435) because it has a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of bolts and does not loosen even when the temperature is high during hard driving.
– Designed with a penetrating long type (total length 48mm) that takes into account the balance between weight and durability in motor sports and ease of handling.


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