Car Wash & Wax Shampoo

Amazing Suds! Luxurious Foaming Bubbles! Won't Strip Off Wax or Leave Your Paint Feeling Dry! Easy Rinse Sheeting Action!


Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and include Australian GST.

The Shining Monkey Wash & Wax Treatment is a biodegradable super concentrated high sudsing formula.

It bathes the vehicle in rich luxurious bubble gum scented suds that protects the paint surface from micro-scratches and leaves behind a brilliant shine. This formula is also ph Balanced, which promotes sheeting action, and contains ingredients to enhance the brilliance of the paint finish.

More importantly, it won’t strip off any wax protection that is on the paint. It is completely safe on all paint surfaces including very delicate exotic paint and flat paint finishes.

  • Biodegradeable formula
  • Ph Balanced to promote sheeting action rinse
  • Will not breakdown or strip away wax protection
  • Promotes high gloss shine
  • Luscious sudsing foam
  • Bubble gum scented
  • Super Concentrated
  • Easy Rinse Sheeting Action

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